I used to kind of like running; went for a jog a few times a week until my knees rebelled! The pain was so instant and intense that I quit mid-stride and assumed I’d never run again. Several years later my sister started training with Tom Alcivar (TMT). She tried for a while to persuade me to come out to one of his crazy hill runs. The very thought made my knees hurt. But she eventually got me to go and I quickly realized why she was so convinced it would be possible for me to run again. With the careful eye of an instructor and encouragement of other runners in the group, I was able to slowly rebuild my running form in a way that protects from injury. I am now not only running pain free, but faster and better than I ever did before. Thanks TMT! -Ingrid J, 2014

When I started running with Mr. Tom it was fun, but hard! He taught me the basics of running and because of that it was easier. But I kept getting cramps until Mrs. Alcivar taught me a maneuver for them. It is where you put your hands in streamline position. So let’s say your cramp was on your left side then you would bend to your right side. And Mr. Tom says, “You don’t want to stomp you’re like rhinos! You want to make quite quiet steps.” So if you have trouble with running go get started with Mr.Tom !!!!!!!!!!!!! -Anna, age 8, 2014

Working with Coach Tom has been a valuable experience for me as a runner.  Tom helped me realize that I was capable of running faster than I had previously thought I was capable of.  His video sessions also helped me see where my form was weak which was a great tool in learning how to become a more efficient runner.  During his running workshop he taught me about the importance of stride length, cadence, arm position, and many other things that will help me continue running efficiently and happily for many years to come.  Tom has an endless supply of knowledge and ideas that will help anyone who’s looking to improve their running. -Cassia G, August 2014

When I started running with Mr. Tom it was very hard! But that was because I had just started. Now I’ve improved a LOT! One of my problems was that I would get out of breath because I would go too fast at the beginning of the run. Mr. Tom showed me how to take shorter steps and go more consistently. Just a couple days ago I went on a run with my mom, I did not feel any pain in my lungs!!! So go and get lessons from Mr. Tom! -Elissa, age 8

All the hill training with Train Me Tom Fitness came in handy. Lots of people were unhappy that a fat bike was passing them. Almost broke top ten in fat bike category. -Aaron B, September 2014

Tom has been an integral part of what I now call “Team Sue”.  This is a group of people that include Coach Tom, a trainer, medical staff, family and friends that have helped me in a journey that started in 2011 at 320 pounds to today being a normal weight. Tom has been happy to work with other “Team Sue” members to ensure that my progress has been steady and safe.  After 50 years of very little movement, Tom has helped me relearn to understand, use and trust my body.  He supports me in running, cross-country skiing, biking and swimming; sports that I have either never done or have not done since my teens.  He coaches our newly created mother/daughter team that brings a whole new wonderful dimension to this journey. Tom’s natural positive and enthusiastic life perspective combined with his educated and experienced knowledge of the body and how to improve it safely will help anyone whether it be a one-time consultation or ongoing improvements that will last for a lifetime. -Sue James, September 2014


Tom – you are quite talented. You really know how to think out of the box and ensure our message and techniques are understood. I really appreciate that and am glad to have found you. -Brian Kantar, September 2014


I started running about four years ago, completing two marathons and many more half marathons in that time. Over the last year, I’ve dealt with a series of nagging lower leg injuries (shin splints, knee pain, etc.). On recommendation from a trainer friend, I asked Tom to perform a gait analysis. It was a very enlightening, ‘light-bulb moment’ type of experience. Tom is incredibly knowleagable on human biomechanics, and does a phenomenal job explaining the ropes to the every day runner looking to improve. After one hour of evaluation and instruction, I was able to complete my first pain-free run in over a month. Injured or not, I’d recommend having Tom evaluate your form. My only regret is not meeting with him sooner! -Eric Oaks, September 2014


I could not have crossed the finish line at Ironman 70.3 without Tom’s help.  Working with Tom on my overall fitness, sport specific fitness,  nutrition and sleep all helped me in improving all aspects of my triathlon.  The individual scheduling of my workouts helped immensely with my crazy schedule as a resident.  And working with other TMT’ers has helped create a social community of others how are into fitness, nutrition and healthy lifestyle.  -Laura Nilan, December 2012



With Tom’s guidance and constant support I was able to complete my very first Ironman in May 2012. Even though I live in Southern California, Tom was able to coach me via phone, video chat, and email. I could not have enjoyed the training process more! His workouts are tailored to your individual needs and schedule. Even more than just training, Tom educates his athletes, an asset that you do not find in many coaches. I now eat better, feel better, and look better, thanks to Tom. I was so happy with not only the type of coach and person is, I signed up with him to train for my next Ironman this coming June! -David Nonberg October 2012



 I felt… prepared for the run because I’ve invested a lot of time into running this summer.  Form, endurance, and speed are all greatly improved and I think it showed.  Running Complete, New Leaf, TMT Tempo, and Saturday morning tris were major contributors.  I can’t say enough to thank you for the for time and effort you invested into organizing the teams and training events. -Matt Linebaugh, September 2012

I wanted to say that I’ve enjoyed the triathalon clinics and have found them very helpful. They’ve left me feeling prepared for the race and they’ve been fun. -Susan Diem, July 2012





When I met Tom a couple of years ago, I could barely put my face in the water.  I had a tremendous fear of swimming in a lake, especially when I couldn’t touch bottom.  Swimming has always been exhausting to me.  Tom slowed my stroke down, taught me to look straight down in the water which keeps my head in line with my spine, taught me to keep my extended arm stretched out to take advantage of the “glide” and rotate my hips.  Tom even challenged me to learn to breathe on both sides.  Well, I am happy to report that this year I have gained more confidence when swimming in open water, even when it is over my head, have learned to breathe on both sides and can swim further than I ever thought possible without taking a break.  In fact, I will be participating in my third Triathlon in August.  I am not going to lie.  I still have a fear of deep water, but I have now learned not to panic…I can always roll on my back and float, right? -Mary Lehr-Hill, July 2012


Thank you for a wonderful session this morning. I now understand why my friends say you have changed their lives. I have been thinking about all you said through the day and am going to try to get in the water over the next few days to try it all again. [Your] written review will be very helpful and I will check out [the review videos that you sent] tomorrow. Thanks again Tom. I look forward to connecting again.                                   -Karen Davidman, July 2012


Having done triathlons for a few summers now, its easy to think that I’ve got down the routine. But, an early warm up tri, without the pressure of having to perform, was just what I needed to realize how much of the routine I had forgotten. :)  The Train Me Tri’s welcoming and relaxed pace and atmosphere was a perfect tune up for the tri season. Each distance was just long enough and going back for seconds  after a short break for review and discussion was a perfect opportunity to cement some of the changes I wanted to make. The most enjoyable aspect by far was watching my kids participate. They had an absolute blast. Their bite size distances were a perfect challenge and they left feeling accomplished and talking excitedly about doing it again. We’ll definitely put it on the calandar for next year.    -Charis Linebaugh, June 2012

I’m home and feeling great.  Had lunch and chocolate eclair so calories are replenished.  You missed the awards ceremony where 2 of your clients took 1rst and 2nd place in the over 70 division.  David was first and I was second (I think we were the only one’s in the class!). Thanks for coming and helping me pre and post triathlon.  You are a big reason I finished.  It has been great working with you and look forward to working with you later this month as I recover from today.         -Aaron Nathanson, June 2012


I have been well over 200lbs for a long time. I was never able to run very far and was frustrated when I tried to run without training. Coach Tom introduced me to an entirely new way of thinking about, and executing, my running stride. With Tom’s help I went from barely being able to run a quarter mile to completing my first 5k run and a sprint distance triathlon!        — Caleb Dahl, June 2012




When one embarks on learning a new sport, usually the first move is to find a good coach. Unfortunately, this is not usually the case with running. Working with Tom Alcivar has helped start me down the path to better, more efficient, and pain-free running. Not everyone who knows a skill can teach it. Tom is able to explain the fundamental parts of running in a way that I believe will improve the technique of both new and experienced runners. I know that I have and will continue to enjoy many miles of running because of Tom’s guidance.                -Laura Schmieg, February 2012


 I did the Oreo Tri last year and then went on to finish first in my age group in my very first triatlon at Trinona. Tom and Steph put on a fun event and it’s a great way to get triathlon experience without the stress of a “real” race.          

                                              -Bill Spang, June 2011



The [Tough Mudder] was a blast.  I loved the training almost as much as the event itself.    I strengthened belief and confidence in my abilities through training and completion of the TM.   It took me four tries to get up the Everest obstacle– and the conditions were very tough– but I knew that I could do it and nailed it.   I’m 48 and wanted to experience an athletic challenge of some significance before hitting the 50 marker.   I trained hard, learned to run with better technique, and I feel proud of myself and my team.  In addition to Tom, our trainer/leader, special thanks to Vince for the pulls, to Schmieg  for the big smiles and happy attitude, to Jen for staying strong with me in the back of our little pack, and to the volunteers who opened my gummy bears for me with about three miles left when I needed the fuel and I was too muddy to open the flippin’ bag.  Rock on baby…what’s next?           -Mark Gittleman, May 2012


My running has improved significantly since being coached by Tom.  By Tom changing my running form and technique,  I am running faster and without injury.   Tom understands everyone’s ability as a runner and how much he or she can achieve.  He then develops a training program that steadily builds strength and endurance without causing injury.  I am enjoying running again because I am running without pain thanks to all the running tips provided to me by Tom.     Mary, January 2012


ski!!I was just looking over my training log and realized that the first time I skied with poles was eight weeks ago. Just finished the third XC ski race in as many weeks. That’s cool.





[At Hyland Hill Runs I found a] very welcoming atmosphere and a great workout.  I can definitely feel it, in a good way.  The knee is less creaky than it would normally be after a run like that and I attribute that to the tips and techniques you provided for tackling hills, both up and down.

I very much enjoyed your coaching style.  Very patient, non-threatening and solid advice.  If I had to single out a specific lesson it would be when you timed us going up the hill.  First using proper technique and then attacking the hill.  Winded after the first and extremely more winded and fatigued after the latter.  All for 2-4 seconds of a faster time.  Definitely not worth the effort and expenditure.  Also appreciate the advice on shortening my stride and landing flatter.  Run smarter not harder.  I’ll be back.    Dean Sherman, April 2013


In the spring of 2012 I started attending Tom’s running class Running Complete.  Although I had been running on my own for a couple of years, I wasn’t making much progress on improving.  Running was was slow and I was regularly sore in my knees and other joints after every run.  The training from Tom opened my eyes to the bad habits and poor running form I had developed over time.  After that course it took me roughly 9 months and additional input from Tom to get over a vast majority of the issues I had.  Thanks to Tom’s instruction and patience, I am now running over 30 miles a week with no joint discomfort while I train for my first Marathon at the end of this summer.  -Phillip Schmidt, September 2013
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