Class Descriptions and Registration

Strength and Performance

Skills and strength building with a seasonal focus. Interval work, circuits, balance and mobility with a emphaisis on building coordination, muscular endurance, cardio vascular capacity, applied power,and sport-specific skills.

Maximal Strength Development

Every performance, be it a daily routine or a special athletic event, benefits from a solid foundation of strength. The meat of Maximum Strength Training is not the sizzle and flash seen among some of the latest workout trends, but rather the fundamental lifts that have faithfully served humankind over the millennia and consistently delivered results. When the body is ready variety, as seen in much of the high intensity multiplanar circuit training today, can be a crucial part of the performance spectrum. However, variety should not be mistaken for progression. Maximum Strength, like any solid foundation, is built slowly, inch by inch, kilo by kilo. On the surface it may seem to lack spice, but the results are undeniable and readily applied to all athletic endeavors.

Details: Each program runs in a series with class 1/week. The class (1:15) is broken up into a dynamic warm up and heavy lifts which will be followed by assistance lifts and/or circuits. Participants  will be evaluated and filmed throughout the series and start with weights and maneuvers appropriate to their abilities. This is a progressive course, everyone will have access to their stats online and be given homework each week to perform on their own several days prior to the next class.

Roller Ski/Strength Training

Start the morning with roller ski drills, form work and intervals and finish it off with strength and mobility training. Bring all roller ski gear (Required: poles, roller skis, boots, helmet. Recommended: Gloves, sunglasses, water bottle,) 60 Min Ski, 60 Min Strength and Mobility. If you have yet to get out on roller skis this year, we will help get you find your flow and get you into a ski focused training rhythm.


Tempo Runs

​Covering a combination of mulched trails, grassy paths and some pavement, tempo runs vary from week to week but are typically short (.25 mile- 1mile) higher intensity intervals ( total ≤ 3 miles) followed by periods of rest.  Paces are tailored to the ability of each person and while challenging remain achievable. Learn skills and strategy for trail running and road races.  Come find out why running hard can be fun and enjoyable when you know how to run well.

We take full advantage of the parks in and around Bloomington, so if you appreciate being outdoors and are motivated by being with a group, this class is for you!


Saturday Morning Hyland Hill Runs

For the simple pleasure of tackling hills in the crisp morning air with a crew of merry go-getters. Come learn how to not fear hills and actually enjoy them. Yes, they can and will take you out of your comfort zone but then again, if you didn’t want to be nudged out of your comfort zone you wouldn’t be reading this. Hill runs are informal and are offered free of charge. Email if you would like to be added to the list and notified when hill runs are taking place.


Triathlon Bike/Run Brick Training

The Bike-Run transition can be the toughest part of the race. Making them a regular part of your training will lessen the feeling that the legs you’re trying to run on are suddenly not a part of you. Group brick training will present various formats for you to play around with, all in a group setting to provide a little motivation and fun.


Open Water Swimming

Open water swim skills for those who participate in triathlons, distance swims, or who just enjoy swimming in a natural body of water. Retro fit your lap swimming finesse with techniques and strategies that go beyond calm waters and lane lines and/or prepare for the gauntlet that is often run during the swim portion of triathlons. Realistic drills and a battery of group activities that will help raise your confidence and level of awareness in the water.


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