"Too many people overvalue what they are not and undervalue what they are. – "

Malcolm Forbes


Tom Alcivar is a  CHEK and NASM certified personal trainer, USA Triathlon coach, and Nordic Ski coach. He specializes in running and swimming form as well as physical and mental prep for endurance events. He has a masters degree in Kinesiology from the University of Minnesota with an emphasis in Sports Psychology as well as Skill Acquisition and Retention.

He also trains at the Sabes Jewish Community Center .

Contact him for your personal training and coaching needs:

tom@trainmetom.com    612-568-4797

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Bush Lake Beach

Open water swimming and more!

Hyland Hills

Hill runs, tempo runs, feats of strength…Hyland provides a venue for all.

Camp Curve

Home base for all things TMT. Currently no snow to shovel.

YWCA Camp Streefland

Venue for training for the Elements for the 3rd year, Camp Streefland provides exciting...

Theo Wirth Park

Another Training for the Elements venue, Wirth provides beach, hills, and trails.

3rd Lair Skate Park

3rd Lair is not just for skaters! Practice for the infamous “Everest”...

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